Reusable Sanitary Pad Training in Nepal

Notice of Free Training in Nepal.
Anju Sanitary Pad announces the Free training to the local women of Tilottama-1. This training was conducted by herself Chairman Anju Thapa. The training main objective is to disseminate the information of menstrual hygiene management. As saying “Health is wealth” Anju Sanitary Pad has taken few responsibility to contribute in the society.
20 women busy in making draft for Sanitary Pad.
All the women excited on making Sanitary Pad.
Trainee started to make Sanitary Pad ……..
Completed training how to make reusable sanitary pad and showing finished Pad individually.
Anju Sanitary Pad give thanks with best wishes to all the hard work and fascinated women.
Anju Sanitary Pad completed training in time and gave best wishes card to all the trained women. Also, selected some women in Anju Sanitary Pad company as an employee.

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